Alt Design

misc collections


unrealized installations

Conceptuals represent a series of "drawing-board" proposals designed to consist of a series of individual moments, whereby each moment would engage members of the public in a subtly thought-provoking way

If completed, any/all of these proposals would aspire to create a heightened sense of appreciation -- stemming from a more introspective urban experience that integrates elements of the everyday urban with an interested (and more interested) city resident/visitor


design + consulting


archival photos

Mxd Media

creative compositions

BW Film

Overhead Wires

These photos showcase a single documentary style collection, intended to highlight an understated element of the urban realms, and its impact on our everyday urban way of life

This collection is posted in memory of my mentor and friend John Stamets -- who inspired my obsession with 35mm/120mm film and traditional darkroom techniques

Thank you John, for showing me focus


freehand drawings


publications + presentations


design + assembly

Timeless utility and an ever-changing collection of recycled materials.  These pieces of furniture aspire to be functional works of art that are beautiful in their materiality, simplicity and craft

All of my furniture is designed and built using locally salvaged woods and materials


digital drawings