multinational textures

Travelling memoirs, exotic experiences and vivid keepsakes combine to create visually poetic narratives. These photographic collections are devoid of over-intellectualization -- and focus on colors, textures and components that all combine to create compositions everywhere and throughout the everyday built environment

Ae Assemblies

aerial compositions

Created in collaboration with King County Metro and the Photo Center Northwest, these photos are re-imagined aerial compositions -- captured 1200 feet above dozens of Seattle area neighborhoods

Ae Assemblies showcases a sampling of photographic assemblies installed throughout King County as part of Metro City Panorama public art & bus shelter beautification project


phone photos

Created in collaboration with my cell phone, this series pleads for fewer Instagram photos.  Each photo in this collection is an accidental composition, layout, and/or spontaneous discoveries -- where preparation was non-existent, prohibited and/or impossible

Celly is a rotating sample of hundreds of lesser phones photos, collected over the past three-year -- ongoing


intl assemblies

Created by reassembling point-and-shoot images from cities all around the globe, this collection of photographic assemblies was simply created as a personal record of travel -- re-imagined

These images represent a sample from a larger collection of photographic compositions. with selected images from Osaka, Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Moscow and Bangkok


wall art

These photos highlight segments of accidentally discovered, highly polished works street art.  Each photo is non-specific and focuses on color, texture and craft -- in a photographic frame

The partial murals captured in this collection showcase the richness of contribution and creativity of an everyday urban experience


aerial patterns

This collection of photos shows scenes of Seattle, captured 1200 feet above the surface.  Each photo captures a pattern, composition and/or a physical consequence within the complex relationship between various elements of the built environment

These aerials serve as the original inspiration for my Ae Assemblies collection -- and the catalyst for my (pending) Overview Project


museum details

This collection of images highlights selective segments from some of the most iconic museums in the world.  Each photo focuses on the creation of a recognizable museum composition, without the pressure/rigor of more focused architectural documentation

The details in this collection represent an ongoing documentation of museum partials -- in any city that I might have the good fortune to visit

ak Texture

global textures

Created in collaboration with architect and photographer Katie Idziorek, this series of photos embodies adventure and discovery, expressed as urban textures. Each photo in this collection highlights colors and compositions found in objects across Europe and Asia

ak Texture represents a sample of a larger body of work, collected over a three-year period, and totaling in-excess of 75 total photos

Cities Lomiscene

lomographic landscapes


In a world full of color, complexity and fascination - this series of lomographic photos shares a collection of urban scenes from around the world. Each photo is pulled directly from a medium-format negative, and printed as a composition - from cities all across North America, Europe and Asia


Cities Lomiscene showcases an limited collection of prints, collected over an ongoing four-year period of photographic experimentation