Finding Ellis

Jersey City, NJ

Finding Ellis is is a proposal to celebrate the unique character and historic significance of the Abandoned Immigration Hospital, on Ellis Island.

In its conception, Finding Ellis is a site-specific response to the distinctive conditions inside the Ellis Island Hospital — designed to balance opportunities for exploration with installations and programs that are designed to accentuate unique spatial qualities and share visitor generated narratives in this limited access site.

“…installations will be colorized and detailed with small texts throughout the hospital, leaving behind a trail of breadcrumbs for people to discover, contemplate, and photograph. Other interventions will be integrated into special weekend events — to share a spectrum of opportunities for visitors to develop a meaningful relationship with the hospital”

The culmination of these project elements will serve as a temporary catalyst to encourage public exploration, appreciation, and personal inquiry into the past, present, and future of the Ellis Island hospital.

Finding Ellis is proposal in partnership with Save Ellis Island, National Parks Service, and Untapped Cities — in collaboration with Tristan Perich, Justin Rivers, Xandra Clark — and with support from The Eternal Space, Green Ghost Studios, and Unforgotten Films — Fall 2019.