Urban Ruins

decommissioned relics

Dormant real-estate in a post-industrial United States. Despite their estranged relationship with market forces hoping to redefine their use, these decommissioned structures are significant in their abandonment as historic remnants of an endangered industrialized empire -- and icons of sub-cultural activity.

Oakland Station

oakland, california

The West Oakland Station is a little-know architectural gem, originally built in 1912 as the western terminus for the
Transcontinental Railroad.  However, the station was damaged and subsequently abandoned, in the aftermath of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

The West Oakland Station, which once served 400 trains per day, is currently slated for renovation as the centerpiece of the Central Station project

Floyd Bennett

queens, new york

St Agnes

detroit, michigan

Buffalo Central

buffalo, new york

Dock Company

brooklyn, new york

The New York Dock at 160 Imlay was built in 1913 as part of a Brooklyn network of 39 piers and 200 warehouses.  These buildings were historically filled with industrious activities -- untill 1983, when all industrial operations permanently seised

30-years later, the New York Dock Company remains vacant, as plans to convert the property into condos are becoming increasingly unlikely

Terminal Market

brooklyn, new york

Michigan Central

detroit, michigan