Amidst the Everyday

Seattle, WA

Amidst the Everyday was an interactive network of digital installations, designed to unveil unseen aspects of the urban landscape, in Seattle.

Through the use of QR codes, linked to web-hosted photographs this project reveals alternative streetscapes and unseen infrastructure. The final project was active for six months and encouraged people to explore and experience the city in a new way. The intent of this project is to create a more engaging urban experience by sharing elements of the unseen urban environment in an interactive context, where both the image and its context can be experienced at the same time.

“The city is an ever changing place and through the use of modern QR technology, we can share pieces the city …that are inaccessible, hidden, or just plain gone…in real-time and place”

Amidst the Everyday was created in collaboration with City Arts Magazine and partnering support from Daniel Hawkins — Summer 2012.