TCCI ArtBook

New York, NY

The Character Connection Initiative (TCCI) is an educational non-profit whose mission is to empower adolescents to help define and develop their inner strengths through character education.

The TCCI ArtBook is a new arts-based curriculum incorporated into the Character Connection’s unique three component approach, focused on partnership, connection, and extensions beyond the classroom — to offer alternative outlets for creative observation, confidence building, and self expression.

“We seek to create a culture in which students are encouraged to be and honored for being their best self. Through this culture, we aspire to create a positive and lasting change in the ability of students to meet the challenges of school, of home, and of life.” (The Character Connection)

Both TCCI and the TCCI ArtBook bring together students, educators, and families to integrate character qualities and language into the classroom and beyond through reflection, introspection, and a variety of catalysts to inspire mindful conversation.

For more information visit the official website for the Character Connection — or visit TCCI’s social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

The Character Connection