Fort Words

Port Townsend, WA

Fort Words is a proposal to celebrate the unique character and historic significance of the decommissioned military battery sites throughout Fort Worden State Park, in Port Townsend WA.

In its conception, Fort Words is a site-specific response to the inspired conditions throughout the landscape of the Fort — and is designed to balance opportunities for exploration with art installations and public opportunities that are both site-specific and historically / culturally relevant to the unique characteristics of the site.

“…installations are rendered in a stencil style text to leave a historically inspired trail of breadcrumbs throughout the battery sites for people to discover, contemplate, and photograph. The aesthetics were drawn from the fort itself and texts chosen from existing historic information and testimonials provided by members of the public.”

The culmination of these installations will engage the general public, accentuate historic character, and share various narratives in a public setting — which will highlight the spatial quality of the Fort Worden Battery sites and surrounding park context.

Fort Words was developed in collaboration with Centrum, Fort Worden Public Development Authority, and permitting partnership from Washington State Parks Service, and Historic Preservation.