Aaron Asis

Brooklyn, NY

Aaron was born and raised in New York City exploring its neighborhoods, its people, and its streets. Over the years these explorations evolved from personal curiosities to a creative mission committed to promoting access & awareness of under-appreciated environments throughout our cities.

These experiences have become the foundation for a body of work, focused on sharing the visible and invisible details of spaces and stories — and the ways art (projects, installations, or photographs) can highlight the importance of these phenomenon in our everyday lives.  

“I guess my interest in under-appreciated spaces started as a kid from Queens, wandering along the then abandoned Highline and always wondering why I was always the only person up there?  Of course, the Highline has changed a bit, but being up there, back then, was inspiring like nothing else…and trying to share that has become the motivation for all the work that I’ve done since…”

Today, Aaron continues to promote access & awareness throughout our cities — working with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community groups to document under-appreciated phenomenon and to exhibit work in unexpected places.  And, while this work is focused on sharing art experiences outside of art spaces, these creative gestures are not to answer complicated questions — but to inspire personal thoughts, and create public opportunities where people can learn, explore, and share throughout our cities.

Aaron is the founder of Recharge the Battery and Unforgotten Films — and also works closely with Mary Miss, City as Living Laboratory, Untapped Cities, Character Connection, and People for the Pavilion on a variety of initiatives to promote the power of art to help us improve our personal relationships with environmental issues, urban discovery, personal mindfulness, historic appreciation, and/or access & awareness for everything!