Chain to River

Wichita, KS

Chain to River is a walking performance and procession from Chainlink Gallery Place to Exploration Place, in Wichita Kansas.

Chain to River was the first of a series of ongoing activations to establish a link between Chainlink Gallery Place and Exploration Place — designed to inspire conversation, activate the streets, and highlight future opportunities for creative engagement between these two unique public amenities.

“Chain to River is an open invitation for friends and strangers to come together — to inspire new thoughts, start new conversations, and share new ideas about our river and our city — through the arts!”

This public event, invited guests to participate in this collaborative performance through the streets of Downtown Wichita! Once underway the procession experienced music, dance, improvisation, inspiration, installation from over a dozen local artists and performers!

Chain to River was created with Harvester Arts and in partnership with Chainlink Gallery Place, Exploration Place Dab Dance and the Men’s Scrapbooking Club — with support from Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation, Bokeh Development, Lifeboat Creative, Kansas Creative Arts & Industries Commission — Fall 2022

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