Multiple Locations

Abandonment / Dormancy is a photographic investigation of the post-industrial urban condition in the United States.

Abandonment / Dormancy highlights an estranged relationship with market forces hoping to redefine their use, these decommissioned structures are significant in their abandonment as historic remnants of an endangered industrialized empire — and icons of sub-cultural social activity.

“…by definition these spaces are not even abandoned; rather, they are dormant—rich in texture, life and a deviant sense of appreciation for the decorated surfaces, uneven floorboards and fields of broken glass which combine to create unexpectedly tranquil environments.”

This ongoing investigation will continue to inform a public dialogue with regards to the value of these structures in both contemporary and future urban environments, as the post-industrial economic reality continues to redefine industrial usages around the globe.

Abandonment / Dormancy has been ongoing since 2006 and includes abandoned images from: New York City, Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, St Paul, Newark, Buffalo, Rochester, Bethlehem, and others.

For more information see a project essay in Arcade Magazine.

Video: Cities Invisible