Harvester Arts

Wichita, KS

Harvester Arts is an arts organization dedicated to building creative capacity through arts experimentation, public art projects, artist residencies, and professional development for artists — in Wichita, Kansas.

In partnership with Harvester Arts, Asis work collaborates with various partners to activate the downtown core through the coordination of performative walks, theatrical presentations, mural making initiatives with local artists.  This work includes Chain to River initiative and Dear Wichita campaign — designed to engage the public in the process of creating new connections along the Arkansas River and throughout downtown Wichita.  These activations are part of a 10-year future vision for Downtown Wichita — led by Harvester Arts.

“These creative efforts are open invitations for members of the Wichita community to inspire new thoughts, start new conversations, and share new ideas about our river and our city — through the arts!” 

Harvester Arts is a non-profit organization managing Chainlink Gallery Place — and working closely with support from Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation, Bokeh Development, Lifeboat Creative, and the Kansas Creative Arts & Industries Commission.

For more information visit the official website for Harvester Arts — or visit HA’s social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.