Multiple Locations

Hashtag is a series of photographic collections presented in a square Instagram format.

Hashtag represents a collection of public images captured to fall into 6 distinct categories — abandoned structures, invisible situations, urban landscapes, art works, visual patterns, and/or capturing a part of the process for installation work.  

The hashtags (#asisabandoned, #asisinvisible, #asisurban, #asisart, #asispatterns, #asisprocess) are designed to utilize social media as a record of events and whereabouts — as it relates over-arching creative goals — rather than as a daily record of life happenings. 

“Social media platforms allows people to share almost anything with anyone…but what one chooses to share and the ways in which we curate our lives for the sake of an anonymous public’s perception…it’s a bit bizarre.”

 This ongoing collection of images will continue to record various experiences and influences — which are hardbound into #Hashtag photobooks for every 100 photos.

#Hashtag has been ongoing since 2015 and includes images from all over the world, most notably: New York City, Tokyo, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, Havana, Detroit, Philadelphia, and others.