Have a Ball

Queens, NY

Have a Ball was a site-specific installation located within an abandoned structure in Fort Tilden National Park, in Rockaway Queens.

This temporary installation, which consists of 1500 gold balls, is deliberately reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama’s Narcissus Garden installation  to create a counter-statement intended to highlight the unconventional character of abandoned structures rather than reducing abandonment to something of an artistic backdrop.

“Abandoned spaces are inherently uncontrollable. They are rich in unintentional life, texture, and history that combine to create tranquil and unique spatial environments”

Have a Ball was created as a reaction to formalized treatments in an unformalized settings, believing that our relationships with alternative spaces doesn’t need to be limited to an acceptance of curated experiences and the the free-spirit buried within the soul of these spaces is lost when it is controlled — Fall 2018.

For more information see project press in Untapped New York.