In/Out Station

Philadelphia, PA

In/Out Station was a site specific installation inside Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station  in preparation for the Papal visit to Philadelphia — Fall 2015.

The installation which consisted on interior and exterior elements was designed to encourage commuters and visitors to appreciate the spatial qualities and historic features of several of the stations most underutilized spaces.

The interior installation featured 10-miles of cord in tension woven between existing architectural details and new timber anchor points which created a visually compelling zone of relaxation and contemplation. The resultant canopy highlighted the subtle geometric relationships throughout the Station and were anchored to 15 tons of railroad-inspired seating elements, designed to provide locations for waiting, situated to highlight the historic Spirit of Transportation frieze by Karl Bitter, and temporary video installation by Cory J. Popp.

The exterior installation features an additional 15,000 feet of cord tethered beneath the perimeter scaffolding. each cord-created canopy reinforces elements of the interior installation and references the oxidized copper details of an exterior railroad environment.

In/Out Station was created in collaboration with Amtrak and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society — Fall 2015.

For more information see project press in Design Boom.