Leak Lines

Queens, NY

Leak Lines was a temporary installation designed to accentuate the existing structural features of the sTudio 7 gallery in Rockaway Park, Queens.

The installation featured a single contiguous cord in tension drawing connections between existing overhead features to ground mounted anchors — beneath the central skylight. The use of tensioned cord is deliberate to draw attention up to visually explore the leaking roof — in support of the Rockaway Artists Alliance’s Our Roof Leaks campaign.

“By using cords to highlight bands of natural light, the installation is inviting visitors to explore a sculptural form as a gateway into appreciating the beauty of the overhead structure and challenges associated with RAA’s Our Roof Leaks campaign”

“Leak Lines is deliberately visible and invisible at the same time — like an artistic exercise in connecting the dots, criss-crossing overhead. The installation changes as you move through it and around it — and becomes less noticeable the longer you are in the sTudio 7 Gallery”

Leak Lines was created in partnership with the Rockaway Artists Alliance to inspire conversations about the past, present, and future of RAA and to celebrate the sTudio 7 gallery building as art — April 2019.

For more information see project press in Untapped Cities and the Wave.

Video: Rockaway Artists Alliance