Philadelphia, PA

Over-Branching is a proposal for a series of living installations suspended into the decommissioned City Branch Tunnel and other future sections of the Rail Park, in Philadelphia.

Each of these suspended gardens invite spectators to visually explore the threshold between surface and subsurface — and create an opportunity for the public to consider the past, present, and future of the Rail Park at various locations along the proposed corridor.

“…by using vegetation as the installation materials we can literally breathe new life into the underground — and start the conversation about the reversing the subterranean stigma, to help focus on the opportunities within future [the Tunnel and the Cut] sections of the Rail Park”

Over-Branching is currently a proposal (pending) in collaboration with Friend of the Rail Park, The Mural Arts Program, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), and the South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).