Recharge the Battery

Seattle, WA

Recharge the Battery is a community driven initiative advocating for improvements along Battery Street, in the Belltown Neighborhood Seattle WA.

Through various public engagement programs, community outreach efforts, and design collaborations Recharge the Battery has been working to demonstrate persuasive rationale and community support to continue ongoing exploration of alternative solutions for improving the urban experience around the Battery Street Tunnel.

“These are all crazy ideas until they are not…and now it seems absurd to move forward with the fill when there are all these better ideas that have been created out of community interest…and aren’t all of them better than just filling it in with rubble?” 

The origins of the  Recharge the Battery initiative are rooted in the arts, through the creation of large scale community access events (Walk the Battery), a city-wide engagement efforts (Recharging the Battery), and proposed public murals (Paint the Portal).  Additional community programs include ongoing community walks, storefront exhibitions, block party events, and countless advocacy meetings with community partners.

Recharge the Battery was founded in 2017 to advocate for the conservation of the Battery Street Tunnel as an opportunity to explore alternative uses and more responsible decommissioning solutions for the tunnel to serve the Belltown neighborhood and the City of Seattle.  This initiative has been developed with dozens of public, private, and institutional partners — since 2017.

For more information visit the official website for Recharge the Battery — or visit RTB’s social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.