River Lines

Wichita, KS

River Lines was a temporary site-specific installation, created to draw attention to the existing conditions along the Arkansas River in Wichita, Kansas.

This installation featured hundreds of individual strips of felt, rolled out to cover over a mile of linear area on 1-acre public landscape, and articulated as a temporary catalyst for observation, investigation, conversation, and realization at a single location.

“…the hope is to inspire us to look at things differently.  To notice points in the landscape we’ve never seen.  To think about our environment in new ways.  And to move through our public spaces with more awareness.  We take so many things in our everyday lives for granted, sometimes you have to stop and challenge yourself to look and see differently.”

River Lines was created with Mike Miller — in partnership with Harvester Arts — and in collaboration with Chainlink Gallery Place, Exploration Place, and the City of Wichita — with special support from Kristin Beal, Mina Estrada, Lydia Humphreys — Fall 2022.