Sau Pines

Philadelphia, PA

Sau Pines was a temporary installation designed to demarcate the distinct nature of the Pine Grove at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education.

The installation itself consists of a series of corded wraps to colorize a selection of pines within the grove — both at eye level as well as around the base of the trees, to show where they would have been cut. A series of matching dimensional pine timbers were also made available for public use and relocation – as an alternative to the natural material currently used.

“Sau Pines is actually play on the word ‘Saw’ Pines, related to a visual experience in the Pine Grove and/or that the Pines were once planned to be sawed to the ground and sold as timber. Saw Pines. Saw Pines. Sau Pines.”

Sau Pines highlighted the anomaly of the Pine Grove and encourage general wandering to pronounce the threshold between naturally occurring and systematically planted landscapes – In collaboration with the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education — Summer 2017.

For more information see artist posts on the Schuylkill Center Blog: HERE, and HERE.