Scaling Silos

Buffalo, NY

Scaling Silos is a proposal to accentuate the prominent post-industrial landscape of Silo City, In Buffalo.

In its conception Scaling Silos will stand as a series of vertical gestures, each designed to accentuate the structural scale, industrial history, and natural context of these majestic structures. The first installation prototype will feature a series of metallic bands, articulated to inspire a sense of vertical contemplation while inviting visitors to visual explore a spatial armature through which they can appreciate the past, present, and future of this decommissioned structure.

By tethering delicate bands of metallic material from the peak of the silo to the ground plane below, this vertical gesture will highlight the physical relationship of the silo to the natural phenomenon that surround this decommissioned structure – and attract visitors to visually explore the nuanced graces of the silo’s interior and exterior conditions.  The resultant prototype installation will become a catalyst for public inquiry, passive exploration, and shared experiences – demarcating a space to engage the local community by re-activating a prominent piece of Buffalo history.

Scaling Silos is currently in development in collaboration with Rigidized Metals Corporation and programmed in collaboration with the SS Columbia Project, The Eternal Space, and the Silo City complex — Summer 2020 (Ongoing).