Multiple Locations

Under-Exposed in a photographic documentation of the urban subterranean, in cities around the globe.

Under-Exposed highlights the environmental reality of an everyday, but buried underground urban condition that provides a poetic glimpse into historically significant and seldom-experienced beauty of the clandestine urban landscapes beneath our cities.

Despite these sentiments, this collection exposes clear disconnects between beauty, accessibility, necessity and human occupation. This ongoing exploration will continue to inform a public dialogue with regards to the value of urban utility, operational transparency, and the childlike enthusiasm for the wondrous man-made caverns that line the voids beneath our streets.  

“An eerie calm over the city whole.  A whole of sights, sounds and smells, alien to the surface world. A whole of structure, space and artifacts, aging in the darkness. The subterranean world is the lone frontier of solitude amidst the chaos of urbanity.”

Under-Exposed has been ongoing since 2004 and includes active and abandoned images from: New York City, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Newark, Buffalo, Rochester, and others. 

For more information see project press in Untapped New York, Viewing NYC. and City Arts featuring Under-Exposed as a recipient of the 2012 City Arts Award.