unSeen Green

Brooklyn, NY

unSeen Green was a site-specific installation inside the inside the historic Green-Wood Chapel, in Green-Wood Cemetery.

unSeen Green was intended to encourage visitors to take a closer look at the architectural details of the historic chapel and to celebrate this site within the cemetery as place of memorialization and public congregation with the “seen” and the “unseen” experienced simultaneously.

The installation featured 1500 meters of cord, woven above and through various architectural details inside the historic Chapel.  The resultant canopy of cords highlighted many of the exquisite architectural details within the chapel, by asking visitors to ponder, hesitate and gather for open house events, performances, and general public access.

unSeen Green was created with with Green Wood Cemetery — in partnership with Atlas Obscura with musical programs in collaboration composer Tristan Perch, and musicians Owen Weaver, Dennis Sullivan, Danny Mark Asis, and Joshua Kopit — Fall 2016

For more information see project press in HyperAllergic and Untapped Cities.