Walk the Battery

Seattle, WA

Walk the Battery was a large scale coordinated walk through the length of The Battery Street Tunnel, in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

This public walking event, allowed interested persons to share a one-of-a-kind walking experience through this ‘auto-only’ public passage. Once inside, the public had full access to the physical characteristics that define the Battery Street Tunnel as an utilitarian feat and engineering marvel, given the circumstances under which it was created.

“Walk the Battery is opportunity for the public to physically access a unique piece of Seattle’s infrastructural history. We hope this walking event continues to inspire new thoughts, conversations, and ideas about the history, legacy and fate of the Battery Street Tunnel”

Walk the Battery was intended to provide one final / first opportunity for the general public to intimately experience the Battery Street Tunnel and was coordinated in collaboration with Seattle DOT, Washington State DOT, Seattle Office of Special Events, and Seattle Department Parks and Recreation — Spring 2017.

For more information see project press in the Seattle PI, Komo News, and Seattle Bike Blog.