WaterMarks MKE

Milwaukee, WI

WaterMarks is is an initiative to develop a city-wide network of engagement, to help people in the City of Milwaukee better understand their relationships to the water systems and the infrastructure that supports their lives.

WaterMarks works with artists, experts, and community members to — organize walks, share stories, and create artworks — to encourage local residents and stakeholders to think about the social and ecological challenges their communities face, and how these challenges can be overcome.

“Over time, WaterMarks will expand organically becoming larger and more diverse reflecting the ever-increasing depth and diversity of social and ecological connections” (Mary Miss)

A series of illuminated WaterMarkers in neighborhoods across the city — will act as a portal to elevate our collective understanding with regards to the value of water. This network of WaterMarkers will be connected with each other and the many communities of the city in an ongoing process of community engagement to communicate that water is a shared resource that connects us all.

WaterMarks is a City as Living Laboratory initiative conceptualized by Mary Miss with Aaron Asis — and has been developed with dozens of public, private, and institutional partners — since 2014.

For more information visit the official website for WaterMarks MKE — or visit WaterMarks MKE’s social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.