What Next?

Shelburne, VT

What Next? was a temporary installation to inspire hope in the face of the Coronavirus Crisis by transforming the quaint Shelburne Craft School into a public mural, in Shelburne VT.

What Next? was conceptualized as a participatory public project that would be both engaging and quarantine appropriate — to demonstrate the power of words to help share the community thoughts with one another and to inspire a hopeful vision for our collective future.  The mural was created using digitally collected quotes from members of the community when they were asked one simple question: ‘What advice would you give yourself to help shape our future?’

“…as the pain of isolation, uncertainly, and loss continue to identify our new normal, we must work to find new ways to express our collective voices and to elevate the voices of everyone around us. Art alone will never be able to save the world – but art that truly engages people can inspire the way we all interact the world… and that is exactly what we need right now”

The finished mural consisted of over 2 miles of printed strips of text, pasted on to the surface of the craft school to transform the courtyard into walls of words from the community to celebrate who we are, what we have learned, how we hope to change, and what we need to leave behind as we look forward to the challenging months and years ahead.

What Next? was developed in partnership with the Shelburne Craft School — Summer 2020.

For more information see What Next? featured in DesignBoom.