What Now?

Shelburne, VT

What Now? was a temporary installation created to inspire the Shelburne community by transforming the Craft School into a public mural with images from the past and words from the present, in Shelburne VT.

What Now? was conceptualized as the second in an ongoing series of mural activations designed to to celebrate the history of the town and the voices of the community. This mural showcased inspired words from the community — to demonstrate the power of words to help share the community thoughts with one another and to inspire a hopeful vision for our collective future.  These words were embedded into a historic image of the Shelburne Craft School — to excite a renewed sense of historic appreciation, along with a new participatory installation to invite community members to share new words to inspire future installations.

“…One of the most magical qualities of art is a unique ability to transcend time — and as we continue to look for new paths forward, we should always consider experiences from the past to provide a blueprint for a more informed future”

The finished mural consisted of 5000 feet of printed material, pasted on to the surface of the craft school and transformed the courtyard into public gallery – to celebrate who we are, where we’ve been, and what we need to focus on as we look ahead to the future.

What Now? was developed as part of an ongoing partnership with the Shelburne Craft School — Fall 2021

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